“Uneventful” is the key word…

After the bleed, things were…pretty stable for awhile.  We continued to worry, of course, but Cole was doing pretty well.  They started to feed him breast milk. They started with 1/2 cc (not much more than a few drops) fed through a tube to his tummy.  It was stop and go for a few days, until he figured out how to move it through his system.  But eventually he got the hang of it, and they started increasing it by 1/2 cc every 12 hours.  He was up to 6 cc yesterday.  They had extubated him awhile back (i.e. took him off the vent) – I can’t remember the exact date now, but he was probably on the vent for 4 or 5 days.  So he was breathing pretty well on CPAP and just generally cruising right along. 

Lina was doing OK too.  She’s so much tinier, but fiesty.  She had to go on a vent for a couple of days too early on.  But she came off a day or so earlier than Cole.  Her issues have been high blood sugar (which is apparently not uncommon for babies her size) and problems with apnea.  She forgets to breathe and her heartrate dips (bradycardia) and her oxygen saturation goes down (desat).  She typically recovers from these on her own, so they are watching her carefully, but not overly concerned it seems.  A slightly bigger problem for Lina was a UTI they identified.  The bacteria turned out to be MRSA (methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus) – i.e. anti-biotic resistant.  The doctors didn’t seem overly concerned – it was only in her urine, not spread to her blood, and she didn’t seem to be obviously uncomfortable or sick.  They had her on a strong anti-biotic, so they were treating it and she was responding. 

The only downer of it is that they put her on “contact isolation” which means she has a big green sign on her isolette that warns people about it. Anyone who goes in to touch her needs to wear a gown and gloves.  It’s to take special precautions not to spread it to the other babies in the NICU, but it feels a little like a scarlet letter.  I did take a walk down the hall, and it seems like about half of the babies have the green signs, so I didn’t feel so bad then.

 It slightly freaked me out that no sooner had they told us about the UTI and assured us that they weren’t overly concerned than all the MRSA news stories exploded in the news.  Still, if I’m honest I have to say this was barely on my radar as far as things to worry about.  They identified it, treated it, it’s going away.  Frankly, everything is overshadowed by Cole’s bleed.


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