Lina’s doing great!

Well, I’m happy to post this positive update. On Friday, we decided to move Lina to Greenwich Hospital. It was a difficult decision. It was hard to imagine leaving our comfort zone. We knew the nurses and doctors there, and they knew us… and more importantly, Lina. They knew that her tummy gets big, and when to panic and when not to. They knew that she likes to lie on her belly and that she has quite the temper. Not to mention all the history we had with Cole there. The prospect of getting to know a whole new team was daunting – at least for me. And Columbia Presbyterian is supposed to be the best. What if something goes wrong that Greenwich can’t handle? But when I talked to the doctors down there, they were quite comfortable with the idea. They said she’s very stable and could go anywhere at this point.

Soooo… we took the plunge. Oh yeah – why did we do it? Because I’m going back to work tomorrow (sniffle). The more I thought about it, the more I realized how difficult it was going to be to spend any time down there at all. And now is the time when Lina needs to see more of us, not less. I can’t give up evenings with Annika – she needs me too. She’s been particularly clingy lately and I think she needs a little more TLC as we prepare for her sister to come home.

So anyhow, we did it. She got there on Friday around noon. The first thing that had me worried was that they don’t have the kind of CPAP she was on down there. For the lucky non-NICU veterans, CPAP is what you see in her nose in most of the pics below. It’s prongs in the nose that provide airway pressure (as well as extra oxygen if she needs it) when she breathes. The kind of CPAP she was on was “bubble CPAP” which delivers the pressure when she takes breaths on her own. The other kind of CPAP is “IMV CPAP” which is ventilator supported, meaning that a machine pushes air into her lungs at a set rate per minute. Supposedly “bubble” is better than “IMV” because it is less support. Here in Greenwich, they don’t have “bubble”. They only have IMV, or a small nasal canula that delivers oxygen support but no pressure. So they kept her on the canula at first, but told me she’d probably have to go on IMV CPAP when she got tired. I was sure she would because she would “desat” so often without the CPAP down there. (i.e. her oxygen saturation in her blood would dip). Well, when I called in the evening, she was still on the canula and doing well! The next morning when I walked in, I was suprised (and thrilled) to see her in a CRIB (as opposed to the isolette)! She was still on the canula, but the nurse said she was going to take her off at noon because she was doing so well. Since then, she’s been completely on her own and satting in the 90’s, which is great (max is 100%).

She’s also been doing great with her feeding. Yesterday she took 2 full bottles in a row. The next one she was getting tired and only took about 2/3 of it (the rest through her NG tube). And the one after that she was really pooped and only took about 5cc (not much). Today she took a full bottle for me and at the next feeding I tried breastfeeding. That didn’t go so well. She didn’t really know what to do and got a little upset. She wasn’t really going for the bottle after that either, so we fed her through the tube. I’m not too discouraged though. She’s doing so well, and she’s had so many changes lately. She’ll get the hang of this too eventually.

So I’m really happy with her progress. I’m not sure what happened, but it seems like a lot of things are clicking all of a sudden. Go Lina Go! Greenwich Hospital is also very nice. It’s a much smaller unit – I think they have 6 babies now. Columbia Presbyterian had 60-70 at any given time. There is a lot of attention and TLC. It’s made the transition much easier on mommy, too.

Yesterday the nurse changed her NG tube, and so I got a rare photo op without anything at all on her pretty little face. Look at what a cutie she is. lina-no-tubes.jpg


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