Stuck in a moment


One of the CDs I have in the car has U2’s “Stuck in a moment” on it. When it came on tonight on the way home, I turned it up and Annika and I sang it as loud as we could “YOU’VE GOT TO GET YOURSELF TOGETHER. YOU GOT STUCK IN A MOMENT AND YOU CAN’T GET OUT OF IT”.It amuses me that she knows that song. She surprised me when she started singing it while standing in line for one of the rides at Disney. After the song was over, our conversation went like this:

Annika: “Mommy, why he got stuck in a moment?”

Me: “I don’t know, he just got stuck” (insightful response, I know)

Annika: “Maybe when I get bigger I can get stuck in a moment.” Pause. “Just like Ice Age got stuck in a moment” (referring to the critter in the movie Ice Age who got stuck in a glacier or something when the world froze).

There was more, but I can’t remember it. I really enjoy her train of thought.


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