Thoughts about blogging

I’m new to blogging. You can read a little bit about how and why this blog came to be right here. But I never really thought I’d be a blogger, because well, first I never thought I had anything so interesting to say that anyone would bother reading. And also because I’ve always been an awful journaler. I used to wish I kept a journal. And I’d try from time to time. I’d write an entry or two. And then I’d go back and reread them. And I’d be mortified at how lame I am. So I’d tear the pages out of the pretty book and rip them into tiny pieces. And put half of them into one garbage can and half into another so that nobody could ever reconstruct them and actually see how lame I am.

I’m going to cut this off here because it’s such a long post, but read on for more about why I like blogging and to hear about my new favorite blogs and ohmystinkinheck’s contest that I hope I win…

The thing is, I’ve always been a pretty good letter writer. Prolific, for sure – as I was reminded when I was cleaning out my mom’s house last year. I think I’d saved every single letter, postcard, note passed between classes at school that I’d ever received. There was a lot. Although I only had half of the conversation (thankfully not my half), I was reminded of the drama of life in the mid-to-late eighties. I read some and blushed profoundly. I spent a considerable amount of time putting those babies through the shredder. And then splitting them into separate garbages (no just kidding).

I’d pour my heart and soul into my letters, just like I would have liked to in a journal. I guess the thing that allowed me to do that was that when I was finished I got to close the letter up and mail it off, never to be seen again by me. So I never had anything to remind me of my lameness. The other thing about letters was that, unlike a journal, I’d be rewarded soon with an equally angst-ridden response from a sympathetic friend.

I think that’s part of the reason I’ve taken to this blog thing. You can purge your soul uninterrupted on “paper”, but you get the satisfaction of others’ reactions. And I love comments. So dear readers, let me know you stopped by. I really appreciate the words of support. And misery loves company.

But the real reason, friends, for today’s post is that I want a shot at winning this contest. The prize is something beautiful from Allison Strine’s Etsy shop. Now, I should admit that I’m a little leary of contests at the moment. I never win anything. Well, hardly ever. The last thing I won was a raffle at BabiesRUs. It was right after I got back to CT after my mom’s funeral. I won a basket full of breastfeeding stuff. I thought “This is so cool. My luck is turning around, and things are going to be good now.” Ha. Of course I know it sounds dumb, but I feel like I jinxed myself by winning that. Dumb, I know. My stupid mind can’t help but go there though.

Still, I’d like to win. I also bought a lottery ticket yesterday. If anyone is due for some luck, it’s me. But I digress. The purpose of this post, dear readers, is to tell you about some blogs that I like. And I’m running up against the midnight CST deadline, so let’s get to it.

Not only am I new to writing a blog, I’m new to reading them. So I’m still looking around. I’ve found a few though that have already moved me:

On a bulletin board I frequent, a friend posted a link to Finslippy’s bad mommy awards. I read that post a few days after Lina died. And I laughed. I chortled. I’m sure I made a snork sound. Oh god, I needed that. Smiling was not something I was able to do easily, and she made me smile. And she’s really nice too. She sent me a very sweet e-mail after I left a comment for her. She made me feel really good. I am now an ever-devoted Finslippyist. (Finslippyite? Finslippian?)

Redneck Mommy
left a very sweet comment on my blog after a friend of mine apparently told her about me. She’s a mom in the sticks of Alberta Canada. She lost her youngest son and started blogging after his death. I’ve gone back and read her original blog, or at least some of the posts. I read until I can’t bear it anymore (which is admittedly not much). I’m taking it in very little pieces. But it helps me process my own grief. Slowly. Her current blog is a hoot! And really cool-looking. And she’s GORGEOUS. It’s good to know that someone has gotten through it. And is happy again. And funny. She’s got 2 kids, and is waiting to adopt a special-needs child. She’s brave, too.

I only just found kerflop a couple days ago. I about peed myself when I read this post about saying the wrong thing. My goodness, I could relate. And so, it seems, could about 80 other people. Posts like that make you feel not so lame. Or at least not alone in your lameness. She also takes great pictures and she has a little project going on called “30 Tiny Moments” where she’s capturing at least one little moment every day that she doesn’t want to forget. She’s invited the blogosphere to join her in her endeavor on flickr. I briefly considered it, but I’m not confident enough (and could never remember to take a picture every day). But maybe one day when I’m feeling better about things.

And speaking of taking pictures. I don’t remember how I found this one, but it’s a photography blog written by Jeff & Lisa a husband and wife who “aim to provide the everyman’s guide to digital photography”. My wonderful husband got me a very snazzy camera for Christmas, and I’m slowly trying to remember how to take nice pictures. They have some really good tips for beginners like me (and probably for non-beginners too, but I wouldn’t know).

And even though she said there are no bonus points for listing her blog, I’m going to anyhow. ohmystinkinheck is funny AND helpful. She does a series called “WordPress Wednesdays” and I’ve already employed a few of her tips.

And oh my goodness there are more gems that I’d like to share, but I’m running up against that deadline. And this has gotten LOOOOONNNNNNGGGG.


1 Response to “Thoughts about blogging”

  1. 1 BlackOrchid February 9, 2008 at 10:04 pm

    Hi Patrice!

    I’m so touched over here. You called me your friend! [sniff!] Thanks, really, thanks. I’m so glad to be your friend, even if it’s just a “virtual” friend.

    I’m SO glad that post by Alice at Finslippy made you laugh!

    I hope you win this contest. Hey I have a blog too, at the link with my name (hopefully). It’s pretty sparse, though I’ve been trying a bit harder lately.

    Kerflop – that post was really funny! I can relate also.

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