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A plug for my favorite water (hint)

hint waterI just got an ice-cold bottle out of the fridge and felt like I need to share this with the world (well, with my little world anyhow). I do not work for this company. I just like love their water.

I have been searching for this product for a long time. I like to drink water, plain water, but sometimes I need a little ooomph. Y’know? I like the flavored seltzers, but I don’t always want the carbonation. “Flavored” waters always seem to mean flavored with sugar (or fake sugar). “WHY, OH WHY can’t they make an UNcarbonated, UNsweetened water?”, I’d lament.

Well, they do. I found it at the cafe of the NICU’s hospital. It’s perfect. It comes in flavors like Pomegranite-Tangerine (my favorite), Mango-Grapefruit, Peppermint, Cucumber. They sell it at Whole Foods Market (though not the one right by my house, grrrr…) or you can order a case directly from the company with free shipping!

I really don’t work for them.  But I would if I could. Yum.


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